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The 21 Indicators of Great Leader


Oct 2016

After 15 years of my Learning Journey as a Student of Life at University of Life, I met so many kinds of Leaders, and here are some notes that I would like to share about what is Great Leaders.. It’s all done based on my personal observation and experience.1. Great Leader able to differentiate between professional relationship and personal relationship, something happen at work and life after office is difference for them., what happen at work will not be treated equally when it comes to friendship, they value human relationship2. Before you become a great Leader, they learnt to be great follower first3. Great Leader invest to human relationship and focus to developing their follower.4. Great Leader focus to the things can be done for the good impact to their follower, without expecting specific rewards , because for them the growth of their follower is the biggest rewards5. Great Leaders play less politic at work, speak up the truth, and keep everything simple6. Great Leaders learn from their followers, continously seek feedback from the people around them and take action for improvement7. Great Leaders walk the talk, living with values and demonstrate it to their followers8. Great Leader focus to do the right things, not only to do the things right9. Great Leader is accesible, open to communicate with anyone and able to filter all the information (necessary and not)10. Great Leader focus to engage their followers, because they have a strong believe that great engagement will automatically motivate them11. Great Leader spend big effort to generate Greater Leader12. Great Leaders always learn and share their knowledge and skills to anyone who wants to know, they aren’t cheapskate to transfer it13. Less Email, More Discussions14. Great Leader believe that they will not be able to make everybody happy, they believe whatever the decisions they will make will create pro and cons15. Strong Emphaty skills! Listening not only Hearing16. Great Leaders love to try something new, Fail Fast Fail Cheap, that’s the mantra17. They read books a lot, and they share it, even the way they sare is by giving the books to anyone who wish to learn the same things18. Attributes / positions are not their preferrences to take control their followers, they focus to build the trust with their follower19. They Respect and Appreciate for everything that people has done positively for them, even when you put like in a facebook, they say thanks for liking the posting at social media20. Focus to the solution, not the problem21. There is no mistake for them, only feedback for improvement(This article originally written by Mr. Benny Rachmadin Assistant Vice President 2 – Synergy Division CT Corp – Indonesia)