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6 Checklists of your Hiring Process


Oct 2017

“The best way to ensure strategy implementation is to hire the right people into the company,”- Lisa Quast

Hiring process has always been in focus and center point of business owners’ minds. Why? Because the success of business is in the hands of the people in your company. They take hundreds or even thousands of works on business owners’ behalf, everyday. If the total of their work is positive, then it will be a positive net.

Vice versa.

With no hesitation, you will need to hire great people to make your company even better, and to cheer your boss even brighter.

So these are the checklist you can use to improve on your hiring process:

1. Have you planned your hiring startegy?

Planning involves the activity to draft a complete job specification for the unfilled position. You’ll attract more and better candidates if you write a good job description with all the details needed. According to UK recruitment company Michael Page, there are 11 key areas to cover when writing an effective job description:

  1. Job title
  2. Department
  3. Who the role reports to
  4. Responsibilities and expectations
  5. Goals and objectives
  6. Opportunity for progression and promotion
  7. Required qualifications, education and training
  8. Soft skills and desirable traits
  9. Location and travel requirements
  10. Salary and benefits
  11. Company culture and identity

2. Have you prepared your hiring team?

Don’t hire using only your own perspective, use others as well! To clarify if candidates are the great people fit for the unfilled positions, you need multiple perspectives. Involve internal and external departments that will work with them.

If you’re going to use an Applicant Tracking System like Urbanhire, invite your hiring team to the platform so you can hire better.

3. Where are you going to source candidates?

Once you’re ready with the job description and the hiring team is in place, you need to consider where to find the candidates. Depending on what roles you’re looking at, several sources can be useful to know:

  • Your company websites. The most dependable where people in needs are going to find you is in your company website, make one if you don’t have. It’s free by the way!
  • Social Media. Nowadays people are actively treat their social media as on of their asset. Use Facebook and LinkedIn to source candidates could be a great idea. Especially for LinkedIn, people often use LinkedIn as they’re thinking about their next career move.
  • Career fairs or events.
  • Job websites. It’s the place designed to connect job seekers and employers. With the many job boards and portals around, and with limited time and resources – which one should I choose?

With Urbanhire, your job is going to be distributed to more than 15 distribution channels like Kompas Karier, LinkedIn, Indeed, and many others. No more checking job boards individually and remembering tons of passwords.

4. What are your preparation for interviews?

The next is, prepare your questions right and get proof that candidates possesses the skills and behaviors needed in order to perform in your company. Put some test, forum group discussions, role plays, or any activity that necessary for you to review their potentials

5. Have you treated your candidates right?

Candidates who have a negative experience will share their story 64% of the time. More than half of the candidates will socially share their bad experience about hiring process. If they share it on social media, it will damage your employer brand (and you will not want it!).

More and more companies put extra attention to their Candidate Experience.They realise that this will affect the Employer Branding in the Jobseeker market. Letting them know the status of their application is a small thing but can make a big difference to Candidate’s experience – even if they don’t make the cut.

Urbanhire is making it easier for you to let your Canididate’s know whether they are being rejected on their application in your company. You can do this to all of your candidates in a few minutes with Urbanhire bulk action button and use pre-made email templates to save you even more time.

6. Have you invested more in tools?

Do you still use spreadsheet in your hiring process? Review candidates’ paperwork one by one, emailing them with the answer, have a chat with user for every hiring process?

You can’t handle big loads alone, you need to invest in tool that will help you to find the right candidate.

Applicant tracking system (ATS) greatly automate your recruitment process from posting to job boards to communications with the candidate. To be effective, an ATS should:

  • Help you in getting more exposures to your job post. From posting it to multiple job boards, from social media and even from your own website.
  • Help you filtering your candidates, so you can spend more time on the relevant ones.
  • Encourage a collaborative hiring – HR should bestrategic. Did you know that the wrong hire could cost you 30% more to recruit? Avoid costly hiring mistake by involving all the stakeholders in the process and do so efficiently.
  • Able to give you an overview as well as detailed analytics of your recruitment progress. How do you know that your recruitment is even effective if you are not presented with data? Make your hiring data-driven.

So do your research and prepare for your next hiring. A little investment in the beginning will save you a lot of headache in the process. It is worth it to make it right from the start.

Get in touch with us to discuss your recruitment needs and how we can help you to streamline your hiring. Let our technology help you in getting the best talent you’ll love.