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AI: The Recruitment Game Changer


Mar 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been increasingly used for various field including in job recruitment. AI recruitment can benefit recruiters in a way that they can save time to evaluate a lot of resumes send by applicants. This can indirectly improve the quality of the hire HR professionals should really consider this AI software to ease their job in recruiting new employees. AI offers some innovations and features that traditional recruitment does not offer. The AI-based software enables automatic resume screening and real-time digital interview. From the explanation above, it is obvious that AI provides a ground-breaking way so recruiters can hire employees easily.

What is AI Recruitment?

The developments of AI have created a smart and simple way to deal with inefficiency of traditional recruitment process. The stressful and time consuming process can make it difficult for recruiters to the right candidates that meet all of the qualification. Some problems that commonly occur in such manual recruitments is unmanageable email threads, poor tracking system, and sort of. Thank to AI that enables automatic hiring process for all of these processes. This technology uses AI algorithms based tools to have all tasks related to recruitment process all automated.

AI recruitment utilizes a handful machine learning software to build tracking system in a way candidates can anytime track their application. Also, in this technology, there is no need to hire more team as the algorithm can help recruiters scale the recruitment. Moreover candidatesa?? data information extracted by the algorithm are used to determine which candidates are the best.

Right know many recruiters and giant corporations start to think about incorporating AI technology in the recruitment process because there are some advantages of using this third party tool. The AI powered technology offers a ground-breaking way to make recruiting easy. The goal of AI is to help optimize the time and increase the number of applicants that finish the application process. Here are some benefits that AI is trying to offer in job recruitment field.

AI Recruitment Prompts Better Hire Faster

Typically, one job opening attracts 250 applicants to send their application and resumes. Among those hundreds of applicants, there will be only 5 to 10 candidates short listed. Say, for example, a recruiter should make several hires in a month, there would be more than a thousand resumes to review. Can you imagine how much time should be spent for this? Even for only a quick scan, the time will not be enough. AI technology can solve this problem because the technology is designed to review all documents using some concepts or keywords used in the text. It will turn all of the resumes into a short-listed candidates at no time.

By using AI recruitment technology, a recruiter can only focuses on good resumes and he does not need to deal with unqualified applicants to start with. In other words the technology that AI brings really saves time and energy as well.

Promoting Good Candidate Experience

Have you ever experienced sending an application to a company but you never heard anything in response to your application? You are not alone. This happens a lot and very often. Applicants wait day by day just to be notified by the recruiter about the status of the application but in the end they get nothing. Even probably they just keep waiting and ignore other offers. Of course this disadvantages the employers. Even when they are not accepted or the application fails, at least they need confirmation so they can decide what to do next, not just waiting for nothing.

However, from the recruitersa?? side, it is truly not easy to reply to thousands of resumes. The process of manually asses the resume itself is already tiring and frustrating. The company actually realizes and admits that bad candidate experience gives impact to the company reputation. Those who are disappointed by the company will not buy its products, for instance. They will also share their bad experiences in social media allowing more and more people know about it. AI recruitment is a smart way to deal with this problem.

The technology has a chatbot feature to help recruiters throughout the application process. This smart feature enable applicants to get informed on where they are in the application process. They will also be informed about the result of the resume assessment. When the job has fulfilled a notification is sent telling about that so applicants do not need to wait with a fake hope. Chatbot is therefore can make better communication with candidates and provide them with a better experience.

Eliminating Bias in the Hiring Process

Implementing AI recruitment enables bias elimination in the hiring process. Do you really believe that resumes can be a valid judgment for personality, better candidate, and future commitment? Resumes contain some information that should be the resourceful consideration for judging the applicants. However, researches show that a lot of recruiters fail to make the right judgment from the resumes. There is a case where recruiters are offered two similar resumes with different name of applicant. Most of the time, recruiters will just choose the one with the name they like. It means that there is a bias in the recruitment. Therefore, there should be technology used to solve this bias problem.

There are actually some pros and contrast of using AI to recruit applicants. For small scale recruitment with less than a hundred candidates, probably manual system still works. But for bigger scale that involve thousands of applicants, the need of third party tool to easy the process is investable. Advanced technology is needed to assist recruiters to deal with thousands of resumes. AI technology is present to solve problems occurred in recruitment. First, AI recruitment help recruiters to assess resumes faster. It also promotes better candidate experience. Lastly, it is able to reduce the bias in recruitment process. For this reason, using this technology is a necessity to move on to the traditional process of recruitment that is prone to some problems to an advanced way with less problems occurred.

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