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The Art of Embracing Creative Destruction


Aug 2017

I’m sure a lot are aware of the disruptive innovation that are widely rampant in today’s industry. From the emergence of Amazon, Uber, the internet and so on. Often times, companies are wary of the so called Creative Destruction (often known as disruptive innovation) and coupled with the reluctant to change, this results to their own destruction.

According to Erik Brynjolfsson, the director of the MIT Center for Digital Business, Creative Destruction should be embraced and even promoted. It is unavoidable because that is how it always is. So instead, it should be utilized to its fullest. Well, how do we avoid our own downfall? That is, through innovation. You’ve heard of highly successful companies such as Google, General Electric and Pixar. They are all companies that are highly successful because of their high values of innovation. They have implemented methods to actually increase their employee’s ability to conduct creativity and innovation.

For example in the case of Google, they realize that creativity is messy and unstructured, and so they give freedom to their employees. Google engineers are told that they need to allocate 25% of their time to other projects of their choice other than their own. While in Pixar, one of the company culture have animators to do Dailies which are essentially a brainstorming session. In General Electronics, they conduct yearly Global Innovation Barometer, in which they survey the current trends around the world and discuss their company direction afterwards. Through these observation of the emphasis in good company culture and innovation, we have learned that in order to survive the creative destruction, we will have to embrace it.

The importance of Company Culture and Innovation was mentioned and implied multiple times in this article. But how can we utilize it to the fullest? As of now, what we can do is to adapt to the current era; the Digital Era. We have to at least be a little tech savvy and of course, to think outside the box. How can we utilize the creative destructions around us? How can we use the current advancements in the Digital Era? Are there any new opportunities in the developing Digital Era? These are the questions that you should ask yourself. Other actions that can be taken is to surround yourself with creative people; people who are not afraid to be different. And then learn from them and improve each other together. Unfortunately, to search for those people, is to search a needle in a haystack. But with the appropriate methods such as valid assessments and activities, it is not impossible to do. This could easily be done by utilizing YScore, a web-based application that can evaluate a persona’s ability in regards to their digital skills. YScore enables users to take various tests in order to evaluate them as best as possible. Because digital technology is ever changing, YScore is designed to be up to date and also credible. Integrating facial recognition to prevent users from cheating in tests. YScore is also certified and reliable, having well-known partners in evaluating their tests prior to releasing it to the public.

Thus, to embrace the art of Creative Destruction is to start with oneself and go from there. Start embracing the change and turn it into something astounding.

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