Urbanhire Jobseeker

Assign Job


Jul 2017

Urbanhire enables you to manage each job. You can select which job should be managed by you or by your other team members. To start assigning job:

1. Click Create New Job and follow all the steps until Hiring Team Section2. Select team member who will be responsible for this position. As the one who created the job, you will become the Job Creator
3. Or you can also invite other people who is not in the platform yet by entering their email addresses. They will become a Member and can only see a particular job you have assigned them to

  • All Admin will automatically assigned to the job by default.
  • When you assign the job to people who are outside of the platform they will be counted towards your hiring team members.
  • Only Admin can invite external member

4. Follow the steps until Share Job section and then Publish your job

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