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Fine-tune Your Recruitment Process


Sep 2016

As a recruiter, how many times have you been dumped hundreds of CVs without even a fraction of it close to what you want to fill in that role. Or that time when you are forced to hire ‘the best from the worse’ because Business needed that role filled yesterday?

While we all may blame it the lack of quality of the candidates or not having enough budget to hire the ‘right people’, perhaps we should be looking into our own recruitment process. It is called a process because it takes time to develop and fine-tune.

  1. Understanding your company

When you’re recruiting someone to fill a position, you want to get the perfect fit. It’s like dating, you have to know who you are before you know who you want. What are your company’s values, what is the organizational culture, what can you offer your employees (non-monetary wise) ‘ all of these will determine what kind of talents your company will attract. Let’s face it, an old school mindset of a company will not attract the millennial talents. (And even if they do, perhaps it won’t be able to retain the talents)

  1. Market your company and attract the best talent

Have you heard the term Employer Branding ? Big companies like Cadbury, Unilever and Coca Cola Amatil spends millions to be the Employer of Choice. Talents flock to their company after graduation just to get into their MT programs. Now,you don’t have to spend millions on this. There are cheaper ways to do Employer Branding. Start with small simple things like:

  • Be concise, clear and accurate with your Job Description ‘ this is what your potential candidates will read and assess. This might be your first point of contact with them. Make it count. Spend your time on this and ensure the language used are appropriate, no typos and formatting looks professional. Simple things.
  • You know you have great things to offer ‘ tell the world about it. This can be communicated through your website and social media! People wants to know what they’re getting themselves into and they rightfully so. You should be telling them why they should join your team! Urbanhire provides customizable Careers Page that you can jazz up with video pictures and brand with corporate color and logo. Get set up within minutes! Simple.
  1. Use the right tools

Recruiting now and recruiting 10 years ago has changed significantly. We are moving away from manual recruitment and inching towards recruitment automation. Recruitment has evolved; the question is… have you? From advertising, networking, recruiting and even interviewing there is a touch of technology somewhere. With using the right tools you can save time (and eventually money) in your recruitment process.

Advertise your job to multiple sites, build your online presence and engage future employees through social media, start receiving applications straight from your own website while strengthening your Employer Branding. Using the right technology platform you can do all these. Technology is here to make our lives easier. If you are not tech-savvy this is the time to catch up and get familiar. These days, recruitment platforms are created to be as user-friendly as possible. A little investment of your time goes a long way.

  1. Manage your candidates rightfully and respectfully

Have you been in a position where you lost that talent you want by a competitor just because you’re not fast enough? Your team lost the interview notes, you missed an email feedback from the end-user, you (or the Business team) take your time gathering feedback from all parties before you can make that hiring decision?

In business, time is money. So does in the war of talents. Hiring is not only the responsibility of HR/recruiters but also the Business team as the end-user. As such, hiring should be done collaboratively. Working collaboratively does not mean slowing down the process. Managing candidates appropriately can also be the deciding factor whether that talent you are eyeing on wants to join your company instead of the company next door. Be mindful of your hiring decision but be prompt in the execution.

  1. Review and Evaluate

You managed to *finally* get that role filled. Congratulations! All hard work has paid off’or maybe not. How long does it take to fill in that role? Which sourcing channel works best for that particular role/level. Do this evaluation after your successful hiring. After a while you will see a pattern and have a feel what methods and channels work best for your hiring.

Remember that recruitment is a process. It takes time and a little effort to find the best suitable way for you, your team and your company.