Urbanhire Jobseeker

First-timer? Post a Job in Urbanhire in 5 Simple Steps


Nov 2016

1. Create your account

Step one

  • Confirm your email to get your account activated then complete company details. Simple as that, welcome on board! Now on to posting a job.


2. Post a job

  • Fill in the details of the job – job descriptions, job requirements and any benefits you offer. We also have provided resources if you need some inspiration how to do this)


  • You can skip adding extra details to your job post, but this will boost visibility and better targeting.


3. Customize your Application Form

  • Customize your application form and add per-qualification questions quickly shortlist qualified applicants.


4. Customize your Hiring Plan

With Urbanhire, you can customize hiring stages for each position according to your needs. You can add up to 10 stages. If you don’t need it, you can skip it and go straight to publish your job!


5. Advertise and Share Job

  • Your job is automatically advertised in our job board partners for FREE ! We also provide premium job boards where you have the option to expand the reach of your job advertisement.


  • You can also share your job through your social media and share a unique link and email address.


Download the complete Urbanhire Onboarding Guide !