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How to Promote Your Employee


Feb 2018

Career promotion is a part of human resource development program of any companies so it’s important for you to know when and how to promote your company. In career promotion, employees are given an opportunity to achieve higher position with of course higher salary and bigger responsibilities. Companies usually have some sorts of criteria that should be met by their employees if they want to ask for promotion. If employees can meet all of the requirements, they can be promoted to a higher position based on the job hierarchy structure in the company. Promotion is not only a reward or appraisal given workers for their excellent performance but it should also be seen to fulfill the company needs for more skilled and experienced workers to handle bigger jobs and responsibilities.

This kind of career advancement give benefits for both employees and companies or individual business owners. For employees it is clear that career advancement can trigger their productivity. This automatically gives impact to companies as they will earn more profits due to the employees’ work results. Before learning some steps in how to promote your company, it is better to know further about why it is importance for the business to develop.

The Advantages of Career Promotions

Career promotion is a way to increase motivation and attitude of the employees. Being promoted, they will be more committed and will show a better performance to show they really deserve the promotion. This motivation can influence how employees do their job. In addition to improving employers’ performance that eventually benefits the company, it also helps you get to know your employees better especially in terms of their professionalism. If you promote your employee, it means you also boost their loyalty. Being promoted, employees tend to feel more praised. This will improve their loyalty to the company as they think the company trust them by giving a promotion.

Promotion creates a competitive vibe at the office. When an employee is promoted, the other employees will feel motivated and inspired to perform better so they can get promoted too. As a result there will be healthy competition that is good for company productivity. If you never promote your employee, it will cause some disadvantages. This is due to the lack of motivation. Moreover, it causes boredom since your employees do the same things and handle same responsibilities all the time. They will never learn something new in their job and never face any challenge.

Hire some good people will also gives the current employees a motivation to work more and achieve their career promotion. You can look for a good candidates in Urbanhire by using Resume Search. This way, you can search the right candidates in Urbanhire database that fits your company needs and raise the motivation of your employees.

Knowing the Right Time to Promote Your Employee

Don’t be in a rush to conduct a career advancement for your employees. There are many things to consider such as performance, seniority, and other qualification. Evaluating employees’ performance is the most important thing to do. You can create a checklist to assess their performance. You can also talk to them to gather more information about their capability. If the perform well that they deserve for promotion. The second consideration is their length of service. You can tell in the beginning, or it might be written in the contract, that employees are going to be promoted after completing the services for particular period of time.

You can also promote your employee by considering some technical or educational qualification. For example, a particular position such as the head of IT department may require higher educational background and IT certifications. Those who meet these requirements can be promoted as they have all of the qualifications needed. You can also see the potential of the employees. Probably at the moment they are not shining yet but if you see some potential, you can consider it too.

All employees from the lower level to managerial one have the right for promotion. However the decision on when to promote them is different. For lower-position employees the right time to give promotion is when they perform better that what is expected. For example, they still ask for additional tasks after completing their main tasks. Another sign is when you see they are highly committed to the work and can adjust themselves with the flow of the work. Meanwhile for higher positions such as management-level employees, for example, the evaluation focuses on their capability in managing themselves and others and their superior contribution to the company.

Some Procedures to Promote Your Employee

After you have evaluated your employees whether they are qualified or not for promotion, you have to find out the right procedures to do the promotion. There are some models or schemes that can be adapted to promote your employees. First, you can use noncompetitive model. In this model, the chance for promotion is open to all employees and there is no limitation of the number of employees getting promoted. Employee promotion in this model is usually based on employees’ length of service. For example, everyone who has works for 5 years are all granted this promotion.

Competitive model, on the other hand, requires employees to compete. Usually there are only a few higher positions offered so they have to work hard to win one the positions. For this competitive model, you can inform about the plan for promotion so all employees can prepare themselves. However it is also possible to do it secretly. It is better in a way that you will really know about employees’ performance just the way it is.

After the evaluation, think about how to announce the promotion to the whole office. It’s important because sometimes the way it is announced can create jealousy and other bad feelings among employees. You have at least two options. The first one to say directly and the second is to announce via email. Doing both is even a better idea but which one is first? It is a good idea to say it first followed by official announcement through email. You can gather all of office members in an occasion. It does not need to be in a formal way as you will send official announcement later. Inform all people that you have promoted an employee. Explain brief explanation related to the promotion and also ask everybody to check their email soon for the details of the announcement.

Lastly you need to have a full control of your employees with the right HRIS. Cut your double work with integrating your Urbanhire account with Gadjian. That way, the newcomer employees will be in your database once you finish their hiring process.

Now that you know the benefits, right time, and models for career promotion, are you ready to promote your employee?