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Improve Your Recruitment with Data Driven Recruiting


Feb 2018

Nowadays, it is not easy to find some eligible and qualified candidates to join your company. Maybe, you are a selective person who really wants some perfect employees. Not only that, since there are many applicants who want to apply for certain positions, you cannot handle the entire application letters and the data of the candidates properly. As a result, it can only create a disappointment in both the company and job seekers.

Fortunately, in this digital era, you can use a special HR technology for data driven recruiting that can help you conduct recruitment effective. This is a new modern method in order to find some good candidates according to criteria needed. Maybe, you are not too familiar with this recruitment method, so let us talk about data driven recruiting which can help recruiters.

Anyway, what does data driven recruiting look like and what are the advantages if it is compared to conventional recruitment process?

The Concept of Data Driven Recruiting

Somehow, you cannot manage the entire data of candidates who have just applied for certain positions in your company because it is too complicated. You need a special tool that can handle your recruitment data automatically. This is also more accurate than a conventional way that combines strategic workforce planning and HR analytics. You will be able to answer some important questions related to recruitment easily. Three important metrics why you need to use data driven recruiting are improving cost to hire, time to hire, and quality of hire. In this case, you do not need to waste your time to recruit some candidates that may be not qualified and you also do not need to spend your money to conduct over-hiring. Meanwhile, quality of hire will make the recruiting process more balanced and more effective. Thata??s a brief concept of data driven recruiting that you may need to know. So, what are the exact benefits of this concept for recruitment process?

The Advantages of Data Driven Recruiting

  • Boost the Quality of Recruitment

When you want to recruit some new employees, it is really important to know your candidates quality that you cannot decide it easily.A? Using this data driven concept, you may get some help to determine the best candidates that suit the position needed. This is a common issue that most of the companies face when they want to hire new workers. You may just select some new qualified candidates that you have collected in the data.

  • Make the Recruitment Process Fast

When you use data driven recruiting, you do not need to worry about data collection of the candidates because you can use a tool which is specifically developed for recruiting. All of the data is computerized and it is more organized. In this case, you can make a decision fast when you find some eligible candidates according to the requirements needed.

  • Deliver on Recruiting Capacity

A conventional recruiting may cause over-hiring which may make unnecessary cost burden. Meanwhile, you may also not know that you conduct under-hiring that is not effective for your company performance. In this case, Data driven recruiting will be the best idea to make the recruiting more balance so you can save time and money. This concept can make hiring plans become more accurate.

  • Improve the Candidate Experience

Data driven recruiting may also influence the candidate experience. While the old conventional recruiting is no longer used, the concept of data driven recruiting becomes so popular because it is able to improve the experience of each candidate in the process of recruitment. Both recruiters and candidates get the advantages of this method. In addition, you may also be able to choose candidates according to your wishes based on the data obtained.

  • Brings diversity to the recruitment process

Using this data driven recruiting method, you will be able to check some essential information related to the candidates such as religion, status, gender, and ethnicity. In this case, you can increase the diversity during the recruitment process at all stages. Meanwhile, if we compare it a conventional hiring, you cannot specify if you have reached the level of diversity in the recruitment. Moreover, this method is also more efficient and it can improve the hiring process better.

  • The Effectiveness of Data Driven Recruiting

Many todaya??s companies choose data drive recruiting because they know that this method is very effective to get some qualified candidates according to the time and it also saves money. You only need to use a computer to conduct this recruitment process and you do not need to get bothered with some unnecessary papers that can make you confused. This method can also work manually and automatically. Some companies even use online recruitment so they do not get a hard copy of applicantsa?? resume but it is in digital format. The applicants only need to upload their important documents needed and then let the system check the data. Since you have determined and organized every available position, you do not need to feel confused with sorting out because every candidate will apply for a position accordingly. So, you only need to check, monitor, and analyze each data received and then make a decision in order to select some qualified candidates who will go to further process.

Finally, data driven recruiting is not an option, but it is a must if you really want to make every process effective and efficient. It is time to leave the old conventional recruitment that may waste your time and money while you do not get some qualified candidates. But, using this HR analytic and data driven recruitment, the candidate’s data will be connected and you can save your time during the recruitment process because everything will be processed using a computer program that you can access both offline and online. As you can see that most todaya??s big companies rely on data driven recruiting due to the effectiveness and these companies are no longer use the old method because it is wasting time and money while companies cannot get the best candidates.

Especially when you have a mass recruitment, you’ll need a reliable data to support the recruitment. Urbanhire can help you, as weA?have provided help to our client in a mass recruitment cases. One of them is BPJS Kesehatan which have a pilot project of non-regular recruitment drive. Urbanhire system helped them to screen out the candidates faster and efficiently with our custom reports.