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Some Interview Tips For First-Time Hiring Managers


Apr 2018

Being a hiring manager is not that easy, especially if this is your first time to fulfill this position. Basically, every hiring manager will feel nervous to give an interview to some new candidates. You may remember when you first got interviewed by somebody. You must be feeling nervous as you will give an interview when you recruit some people. Somehow, it is just temporary because it takes a process in which you have to experience this moment before you really figure everything out on your own. Maybe, you still need to learn everything about hiring. So, you probably want to know some best tips on recruiting new candidates while you have never done it before. Read these following interview tips for the first time hiring managers so that you will never feel nervous at all.

Understand What Kinds of Person You Want

Choosing a candidate can be a very difficult thing to do, but you must not waste your time to choose a bad candidate that cannot take the available position. Thus, in the first process of becoming a hiring manager, you have to provide clean job description so you do not get wrong persons and they must match your needs. In this case, you can write down the job title clearly, requirements, and responsibilities on the job vacancy that you publish on some portals. Moreover, you have to eliminate some unqualified candidates who do not match the requirements.

Get Some Help from Your Colleagues

Since you have published the job vacancy, there will be a lot of candidates who will send their resumes and application letters. Now, you have all of the application letters to sort. However, you must be confused to choose the best candidates for many options. So, you are recommended to get some help from your colleagues who understand about sorting candidates for the interview process. At least, you can get some recommendation to choose some qualified candidates who can take the available position in your company. However, colleagues may not be so much important if you can trust yourself and believe that you can find the best person.

Don’t Rush During the Interview Session

Since you are new in the field of recruitment, you may want to finish the interview process as quick as possible. But, this can be dangerous because you may choose the wrong candidates. So, you must not rush and let the process run naturally. Even though you are feeling nervous, as a hiring manager, you must keep up and pay attention to candidate’s communication style. You have to understand their body gestures whether they are honest or lying. Of course, this will be your great challenge to define which person is the suitable one.

Prepare Yourself For Interview

The interview process will run smoothly as long as you prepare everything away before the interview day. So, if you do not want to feel nervous and ruin everything, then you have to prepare it first. You have to prepare what questions you want to ask and learn how to understand the candidate communication style. It may take one or two months so that you can master the interview session and you will not make a mistake once you figure it out.

Ask the Suitable Questions

Feeling nervous when interviewing new candidate is a normal thing, but you must make sure that you ask some suitable questions and do not make them feel offensive. Though you are the interviewer, you need to respect their privacy and do not ever ask their privacy that basically has no connection to the job. In this case, you must ask some questions related to the position, jobs, and their experience. If you have no idea what to ask, then you may browse the internet where you can find so many sources of interview questions.

Take Down Some Notes

When you are nervous, you will not remember anything and you just forget some questions that you want to ask. So, before you conduct an interview session, it is important to take a note and write down all of the questions that you want to ask. Thus, even though you are feeling nervous, you will still know what to ask since you can read the notes. Maybe, reading a question may not look professional, but since you are new, it is not a big deal at all. Hopefully, in the next recruitment, you will not feel nervous anymore and ask them naturally.

Move Quickly After Getting the Best

You may not want to lose a chance when you finally get some qualified candidates that you want. If you do not want to lose these candidates because they may cancel their resume, you must move quickly. In this case, you have to extend your offer immediately and tell them if they are accepted. Now, it is time to schedule for the training process if any or the next process that makes them happy.

The Art of Negotiation

You finally get the best candidate that you expect, but it is not done yet because you must deal with salary offer. In this case, you have to own the art of negotiation so that you can make sure that the candidate gets the best salary. Your candidates may not agree to your offer but you still consider a few things such as insurance, facilities, and other accommodations included in the offer. If you really like the candidates, you may give them the best salary according to their wishes.

Assess the candidate

Assess the candidate to know them better, that way you can imagine what type of person the candidate is. Let’s say if he/she has a background in sales, you can prepare some questions to ask to the candidate. Or maybe he/she is an introvert type of person, prepare to talk more so they will give you as many information as you needed.

Especially by using psychometric test, it will be useful for you to know candidate’s hidden traits. Use Urbanhire psychometric assessment to learn candidate’s traits, and hire people faster and more focus. Even if you’re a first time manager, you will be helped so much by having psychometric assessment to your candidates.

Finally, those are few Interview tips for first-time hiring managers if you really want to become an HRD manager to find the best candidates to fulfill available positions in your company. Once again, feeling nervous on your first try is not a bad thing because it can be a good lesson and experience to improve in the future. You can also learn from some experts who have enough experience to recruit new employees. That’s why working with colleagues can be very important to share an experience with each other.