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Low Cost Recruitment Techniques


Mar 2018

Currently, since you work in human resource development, you may need tools to get the best candidates to fulfill the available position in your company. New jobs appear every day and demand for recruitment. Another problem with recruitment lies in costs. It is undeniable that recruitment process requires a lot of money while you want low cost recruitment with the best candidate options.  If you have a limited budget or want to reduce the cost of hiring, you will need an effective and affordable tool. In this case, you should be able to figure out how to save your budget without sacrificing the quality of the candidate.

Here are some ways to help you do low cost recruitment:

Build a Company Community

You can build a potential candidate community for your company. Create a container to build relationships with qualified candidates who are interested in joining your company. This community will help you fill the available position faster. In addition, it will minimize advertising-related costs, as well as cut the time you need to conduct interviews with inappropriate applicants. This method of course also saves recruitment time. You do not need to find a candidate because the community will provide you with the needs of human resources. You can build this community on the company website, or ask job seekers to send job applications despite there are no vacant positions.

Use Employee Recommendation

Employee engagement can be an important tool in finding new candidates. If your employees help you in spreading vacancy information, then you will get more chances to get more candidates. Even your employees can do it without being asked. This will certainly make your job easier. Some candidates recommended by your employees will also be very helpful for you and the job seekers. Job seekers will get positive information about the company and immediately become a candidate. While you can more easily identify suitable candidates for vacant positions.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Currently, social media is very popular used by many people. You can also take advantage of social media in recruiting new candidates to fulfill available positions. Social media will help you connect with more job seekers with no cost at all. You can use social media for free indefinitely. You can advertise your job vacancy in social media or directly search for qualified candidates there. One thing that you have to do is always update your social media profile. You can share your work story to encourage more job seekers. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media websites are good options to find new candidates for low cost recruitment process.

Use Company Career Website

Career sites can provide information about vacancies in your company at any time. Career sites allow you to get a lot more candidates yet at an affordable cost. It is also one of the best internal sources that you can use for years. This will certainly save your expenses to do recruitment and it is much different from job fair or job advertisement vacancy. You can save your budget without sacrificing the quality of candidates in this way with low cost recruitment. Simply, when somebody visits your company website to look for a job vacancy, he or she can go to ‘’Career” page in order to find the available position.

Choose the Candidates Directly

If you do not want to spend so much money or prefer low cost recruitment process to hire a new candidate to fulfill the available position in your company, then you may pick one by yourself. Maybe, you have friends who are looking for a job. So, you can contact them and offer the position just in case they want to join. It will be so much easier because you do not need to conduct a long hiring process. So, it will save your time and money, especially if you know who you are choosing. If you have trusted partners, you can also count on them to share the job vacancy information with their siblings, friends, neighbors, and others. Thus, your friends and partners will tell to anybody who meets them that your company is hiring right now. Well, some people may be interested in joining your company right away while you just sit on your chair.

Use Free Job Portals Online

Nowadays, it is not difficult to share information with others because everybody is connected to the internet. Most of the job seekers also use the internet to find job vacancy. So, you can actually use a free job portal online to share job vacancy information with the world. You do not need to pay the portal owner because it is totally free. Somehow, some online job portals also offer premium packages just in case you want to pay the service. If you pay, then you will get some features. For example, your job vacancy ads will show up on the first page and it is always in the top rank. If you use the free version, you need to regularly update the job vacancy information because it will be overlapped by other vacancies.

Posting jobs using Urbanhire platform will give you the access to post jobs in more than 40 job portals, including free job boards, universities, and specific-niche job boards. This will widen your talent pool and give you more candidates from various sources.

Join a Low Cost Job Fair Program

Sometimes, you need to get the hardcopy of your prospective candidates so you can read their documents directly. A job fair can be the best place to find new candidates where you can meet them directly. You may join a cheap cost job fair for a low cost recruitment that is usually held in some national universities. But, you have to compete with other companies there. Still, you do not need to worry because there will be some people who will visit the job fair to find a job.

Finally, those are several low cost recruitment techniques that you may try just in case you have a limited budget to hire a recruiter or put the vacancy on paid ads. Somehow, there are some advantages and disadvantages of using low cost recruitment process. But, it is not a big deal because many companies today also use a free technique to find some qualified candidates.

One last tips, you can use Urbanhire with affordable price. In addition to the feature mentioned above, you can also have your own career page that display your company culture with all the fun in it.