[PRESS RELEASE] Referral Employee System as Alternative Sourcing Channels for Recruitment

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by Urbanhire

Jakarta, December 17, 2018 – Urbanhire launched a new feature: Employee Referral System, in line with its vision and mission to help the recruitment process easier with a powerful recruitment platform. This feature aims to help recruiters find candidates based on internal references.

Employee Referral Program has been widely adopted as one of the proven HR strategies. Such programs are for recruiters who is looking for candidates that is a match in their skills and abilities but also culture wise; thanks to internal references of company employees. Employees who refer do not have to come from the human resources department. “We made the Employee Referral feature because it is one of the most effective channels to source candidates. We want to make it simpler using technology that recruiters can access using a single recruitment tool, their Urbanhire platform,” said Benson Kawengian, CEO of Urbanhire.

With technology, implementing Employee Referral Program will be easier for recruiters. Employees can be invited to become the Referrer who can provide the company with potential candidates they think will be suitable for the position being. The Company will also be able to provide rewards in accordance with applicable company provisions.

“We have used the headhunter around five times, but they cannot meet the MPP (manpower planning) Sales fulfillment target. Instead, with internal referrals we were able to fulfill all the required positions within 5 to 6 months,” said Debbie Rachmanda Munadi, a recruiter from Astralife.

With a more efficient process, Employee Referral can save recruiters time and save recruitment costs compared to other methods of candidate sourcing. Since Employee Referral program involves employees company-wide , it will make them feel trusted and valued thus increasing employee’s retention in the long run.



About Urbanhire

Founded in 2016, Urbanhire is a recruitment technology company based in Indonesia. By June 2018, there are more than 4,500 medium and large enterprises that has used Urbanhire as their recruitment platform. Amongst the list of clients, there are BPJS Kesehatan, Bank Danamon, Djarum, AIA Insurance, Kitabisa, Ruang Guru and many more.

So far, Urbanhire is funded by various investors, amongst the investors there are KK Fund, Convergence Ventures, Social Capital, 500 Startups, Tortola Capital, Denali Capital, dan RMKB Ventures.

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[PRESS RELEASE] Referral Employee System as Alternative Sourcing Channels for Recruitment