Urbanhire Jobseeker

Recruiting Talents Effectively


Aug 2017

There millions of job seekers in Indonesia. It seems easy to find talents to fill you empty seats in your office. Right?

In reality, each and every one of us is facing the same issue when it comes to recruitment. We cannot seem to find the right talent among the millions job seekers and how to do so in the most effective way?

Here are five ways that you and your hiring team can apply.

Get the scorecard out

Different people assess differently. This also happens when you and your interview panel assess a candidate. Some people will be impressed with the way they shake your hand, how they present themselves, by the things they put on their CV.

To minimize bias, it is always a good idea to come up with a list of criteria that the interview panel is going to assess the candidate on.

The scorecard usually have 5 or so criteria, for example: Technical skills, Leadership skills, Teamwork, Presentation skills and Personality Traits. With a scorecard like this, your hiring decision will be much more objective and you will avoid costly hiring mistakes. This scorecard can also serve as your guideline during interview.

Time matters

So little time so many positions to fill, and the applicants are kept coming in. Instead of spending so much time on the candidates that are not even qualified for the job, wouldn’t it be better if you can focus to those who are?

Urbanhire helps you to filter out relevant candidates through a Pre-Assessment Questions feature. A Yes/No question will filter Talents out automatically where it’s still stored into a Disqualify Folder, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time to look at every candidates applied and focus finding the one that will fit to your company best.

Use metrics

In this day and age of Big Data, everything is data driven. It helps you to make an informed decision and it helps quantified a measurement. Effectiveness in hiring can be measured by cost and time. This process will help improve your recruitment process.

Isaac Madan – an investor at Venrock and Shaurya Saluja from LEO Express wrote that the average cost per hire = recruiting cost / number of hires made. The cost itself should be calculated from any media that you use – from social media, newspaper or a channel like Urbanhire and also the time spent interviewing – the man-hours as well as the salary.

For a simpler alternative you can start tracking these points below:

  • How long does it take you to fill a job opening?
  • How many candidates do you need to source to make each hire?
  • What percentage of the candidates you interview face-to-face ultimately receive an offer?
  • What percentage of offers are accepted?

By knowing those numbers, you will have an idea of how effective is your recruitment campaign and what can be improved the next time your recruitment campaign roll around.

Build a strong recruiting culture

Recruiting is not one-man show, it is a team effort. Not only within the HR department but also with other departments. Involving the end-user from the beginning of the recruitment process is important to avoid hiring mistakes. A full collaborative recruitment environment is essential to create an effective communication with the whole hiring team – where thoughts, comments, and feedback are easily gathered and stored to make an informed final hiring decision.

A strong recruiting culture will also make an impact on your internal employee-referral recruitment. When your own employee starts promoting your job opening, the reach will be massive and impactful.

Keep them in touch

You already listed several best candidates. But the problem is, they usually also got an offer from other companies. Then how can you win them over? According to Arte Nathan on Society for Human Resource Management, they only respond to companies who communicate often.

You can use the “Mother Hena” technique (a hen sitting on and keeping her eggs warm until ready to hatch). The strategy itself is to make sure the Talent knows that you are interested in them and also be personally available to reach and answer their questions regarding the job and the offering. You can swap contact details like phone number or Line contact, so they can reach you easily.