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Tips on How Startups Can Recruit and Retain Software Developers


Apr 2018

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It is not easy to find eligible and qualified candidates, especially if you are running a startup company. Some of the startups need to hire software developers, but they have to create some creative strategies in order to obtain some good developers because this small company has to compete with other bigger enterprises. So, there are some interesting tactics that most startups do when they have to deal with recruiting software developer.

The Best Recruitment Methods

It shows that there are about 35% of startup companies count on employee referrals when they are about to hire software developers. Meanwhile, the other startups prefer to rely on professional networks. Meanwhile, there are about 13% of startups that use hiring agencies. They realize that employee referrals can help them find some good software developers. It can give a great chance to a small company to find someone who is qualified to hantdle this specific position. So, both professional networks and employee referrals can make the hiring process more efficient and effective because the employees can give detailed information to software developers about the company condition.

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The Crucial Hiring Criteria

What kind of criteria does a startup needs when hiring a software developer? The answer is not a??technical skillsa??. Well, technical skills do belong to the most important recruitment criteria. In fact, there are about 60% of startups say that cultural fit is the crucial one. Meanwhile, 69% of startups say that work experience is the most important criteria. It is all because a startup company needs to grow up while they do not have so many qualified and experienced candidates. Therefore, most of these startups will try to find some software developers who have a lot of experiences so they can share their ideas with the team in the enterprise.

Different Way to Lure Candidates

It is undeniable that a startup will not be able to compete a big company to recruit a software developer based on salary. A big company will offer a big salary to a new qualified candidate, but a startup uses different ways to persuade new developers to join their small companies. There are only 10% of startups who count on competitive salary while 79% say that they prefer to offer new software developers some interesting task and challenging duties. But, there are about 64% who say that they lure candidates with corporate culture and strong team. Meanwhile, 39% of startups prefer to lure with flexible hours and the other 28% offers remote work.

Motivating Software Developers

Giving motivation to a new employee is really important. As you hire a new software developer, it is also important to motivate your new software developer to do their tasks. For example, as many as 59% of small companies keep their employees in-house by having a strong team. Meanwhile, engaging work and cited challenging come with 57%. A wide variety of projects about 29% becomes another favorite answer. Meanwhile, 45% say that exciting product can also motivate software developers to enjoy their job. Somehow, there are only 12% of startups motivate their new developers with good salary.

Outsourcing to Fill the Gaps

When you want to hire a new software developer, you actually do not need to hire a full-time employee because some startups even prefer to outsource software development or about 56%say that they will find external partners to join their project. Meanwhile, there are only 15% who say that they will continue to outsource their project in the next one year. From this option, there are about 49% who say that they feel satisfied with the service while 25% say that they are disappointed. Of those outsourced workers, there are about 32% who belong to freelancers, 30% belong to the combination between software development enterprise and freelancers, and the software development companies are taken about 40%.

Being Ready for Changes

Since a startup needs time to grow up and it all depends on the management of the company, sometimes a change may occur during the process. It is really unpredictable because a startup may still have a small team and small budget. Sometime, when you hire a software developer, you also must be ready for employee quitting. Therefore, before you let these employees leave the project, you have to make sure that they leave some comments related to the codes they have created. The others prefer documentation and industry style guides. This can be a really important matter just in case one of your developers quit the job due to certain reasons.

Performance Measurements

Once you hire a software developer, it is important to evaluate his job. A startup must be smart in measuring the developera??s performance. In fact, there are about 61% of startups prefer to measure their developera??s performance from their completed project. Meanwhile, 27% of startups do not rely on numbers to measure it and there are about 29% of small companies check the code readability.A? Furthermore, the speed of developer measure is only about 25% and the number of bugs gets 21%.A? When you run your startup and hire new software developers, you may usually find some developers who make some mistakes. But, it does not mean that you have to fire them. It is normal because coding is not a simple thing and it needs improvement and process. So, you actually can still motivate them to become a better worker in order to produce a better result.

Finally, those are a few ways of startups to hire new software developers and how they deal with some issues that may occur. Since it is still a small company, a startup really needs to choose the best software developers who can handle a certain project professionally. Moreover, a startup also needs to be ready for the worst thing that may happen in the future. Of course, there are so many obstacles to run this small company, but if you are serious in the business, everything can be possible.