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What Developers Want to Know in Job Opportunities


May 2018

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If you think hiring the right developers is hard, do you know what is even harder? Yes, it is writing down the description of job opportunities from scratch. Perhaps the biggest obstacle is to figure out what developers want. It could be even more difficult if you do not actually know what truly matters.

The traditional job description usually includes general or specific requirements, job listing, and also brief company description. This kind of job description mostly sounds demanding and offers fewer benefits for them. They will see the job opportunity as less attractive. This type of job description will likely to make you hire the wrong person.

According to studies, most developers care about a job which gives them the opportunity to learn and grow better. They are also likely to work in a good environment with smart people. What do you think you have included in the last job description list?

Today’s market is competitive and if you want to hire the right candidate, it is not enough to only post and wait. Copy and paste from last year job description is also not enough. There are other elements that developers want more than regular employees. That is why writing the job listing in the right way is crucial. So, you can hire the right person the next time you need a developer.

The benefits they will get

Benefit is not only the matter of salary or incentive, but also facilities that they will get for working in the company. According to a study, 9 out of 10 developers will likely to turn down a job opportunity which pays them 10% more to a job with better criteria. This means that developers prefer a job with better facility than job with higher salary.

When writing for job description, make sure to highlight the benefits which strikes right on what developers want such as flexible work hours, work remotely, big computer monitor, and the like. Put the benefits as the benefits in the center-stage will definitely attract their attention.

The company performance

Not many people include the company performance in the job description. The fact is people tend to look for the company performance before applying for the job. They want to know if the future company is willing to facilitate and stimulate their career. Even though you do not have to tell the company performance in detail, but at least let them know the general condition.

The true challenge when including company performance in recruitment pitch is when the company is not in good condition such as having financial problems. But fear not, candidates actually appreciate transparency in the company.

Experience level required for the job

If you think that any developers from any level are qualified for any job, then you are making a huge mistake. The amount of experience has a huge role in the job description. Most developers consider the amount of experience before applying for a job. For example, if you need someone with high level of experience, make sure that you mention it in the requirements explicitly. But if experience is not the main demand in the company, you can avoid firm requirements. With clear experience level in the job description, developers can position themselves whether they are eligible for the job or not.

What makes the job or project interesting?

Writing a job vacancy is not that simple, indeed. The old fashion job description will not attract candidates but too sophisticated job description also does not impress them as well. So, how to attract candidates’ attention? In this case, you have to talk about what makes the job or project interesting. Whether you are going to launch a new product/brand or refining the existing one, the key is to include the challenge that candidates will solve. Tell them that the job is not a boring average office life but there are challenges waiting for them once they jump right in.

Explain your company/team culture

Most of the time, recruiters tend to assume that developers only work for top-level company with healthy financial condition only, but the fact is they care about company who give the best working environment. This is because developers tend to word with other great developers. Good quality colleagues are their biggest priorities when looking for a job. Thus, you should be proud of the current developer team and introduce them to the new candidates. It is important to let them know each other, so it will be easy for them to participate in the company life.

Get specific in job role

You know that you need a developer, but it is important to name the tittle. Most recruiters assume that job titles are not important. But it is not only the matter of importance of not, but most candidates value a position from the title.

Giving the job title is also not that easy. If you give too old-school title, it does not attract much attention of the candidates. But if the job title sounds too sophisticated, candidates will also assume that you are trying to sell the position.

Work place

Some developers enjoy work in office situation with colleagues, but some others prefer working remotely for many reasons. If you think that commuting time from the company to the candidates’ house takes lots of time, perhaps you should offer remote working facility. But if it is not possible to give them privilege of working remotely, you can include the address of the company on the job description. Thus, the candidates can calculate the commuting time from their house to the company.

The guide to job description is just in general. You can be more specific and adjust it to your company’s requirements. Write it as you normally do, but then read it again and double check the work. This surely will help you highlight the important things as well as make it sounds more natural and makes it easier to address the right developers.

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