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Who Are Your Right People?


Sep 2016

Jim Collins said that the most important asset is not people, it is the right people. I totally agree and believe it. But how do we know who are the right people? How do we get them to us (and stay)? In this first part of the article, I will focus on that first question. Beyond the right people The right people is very subjective from one organization to the other. Because of that, I would go deeper and say that the most important asset is actually knowing and understanding that subjective element which will enable us to define our version of the right people.To know the right people for us, we need to be crystal clear of who is ‘us’. Who are we as an organization? Do we know and understand our core purpose or mission? By the way, if your answer is money or profit, then you need to dig deeper or you’ll be in trouble in the long run. Yes it is very important, but money should never be the main purpose. Money needs to be the consequences of what your organization is doing in providing solutions to others. But no, it shouldn’t be your main purpose.To discover your purpose, you need to answer these questions: what do you do; you’re doing it for whom and/or for what cause. It explains what you do and the impact you want to generate from it.Take a look at Google’s purpose: to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. When you read that statement, it makes sense to see all of the various products Google is creating. They’re totally aligned with the company’s purpose. Beyond that, it also explains the kind of people who work there.Discovering your purpose will also help you define the other element of your organization’s DNA: culture. The reality is, whether you designed it or not, culture will be created, and it can be both positive or negative. Hence, might as well design it’and continuously implement it!To talk about culture, you need to think from a long-term mindset. Otherwise it’ll be like 2 people talking in different frequencies, it will never get connected. Culture talks about collective behaviors and habits, and it should be derived and designed from your purpose or mission.Peter Drucker famously said ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’. It’s all about the way you do things. Because more than your strategies, the way you do them will translate to your performance and results. I’m totally on board with his wisdom.Discovering your purpose will help you define your right culture. It’ll help you answer specifically what are the most important behaviors which needs to be consistently demonstrated by your people. By discovering your desired culture, you will clarify who are your right people. 5 questions It’s been said that asking the right question is half the answer. So I will leave you with 5 important questions to reflect. Each question is followed by a deeper and more fundamental question about your organization.

  1. Are your people recruited based on your desired culture?
  2. Have you truly discover and design your culture?
  3. Is your culture derived from your organization’s purpose?
  4. Does your organization operate with a mindset of profit as a purpose, or profit as the consequences of the solutions you provide?
  5. Has your organization discover its true purpose?

You know what to do next.This post is a guest post by Ali Zaenal Abidin, CEO of Insight Out

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