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Workplace Diversity: Good or Bad for Work Life?


Oct 2017

Workplace diversity is not a strange thing for most of the people because companies seek talented employees and they do not look at their races, religions, or colors. As long as they have good skills in doing the jobs, then they will be accepted by the company. According to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, there were about 49% of women workers in private companies while ethnic minority got 34%. In fact, diversity in workplace also has advantages and disadvantages that we cannot ignore. So, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of diversity in a workplace.

Workplace Diversity Advantages

  • Giving Better and Broader Ideas to Increase Creativity

According to David Ingram on his article for Chron, he said that Co-workers with diverse cultural backgrounds bring unique experiences and perceptions to the table in groups and work teams. Each worker has his own idea and experiences to share with. With diversity, people can share ideas with each other and share experiences that can be learned by other people, especially in terms of work. This will open wide, horizons for every person because all of the workers have different perspectives and ideas which can be united to create one great idea.

You are able to share some experience with your partners in office and they may also share theirs.

  • Creating a Colorful Atmosphere

We may feel bored when all of our working partners are males only or females only. Sometimes, gender diversity can make a person more enthusiastic about working. A man will feel more passionate to work when he gets a female partner and vice versa. In addition to gender, age differences can also make the workplace more colorful. A senior can teach juniors how to work well.

Not only that, religion, skin color, race, and other differences can also make the work environment look unique and friendly in general.

  • Diversity Contribute Positively to Sales

According to a research conducted in the University of Illinois a few years ago, gender and racial diversity brings a good effect toward the sales, profit, and customers. Racial and language diversity can also increase the range of service to enable the enterprise to give customer care globally. When a company hires some workers from different gender and race, it shows that the company is flexible and not selective. It will give a positive value to the company itself.

  • Understanding the Meaning of Difference

Have you ever met some Africans, Asians, Europeans, or Arabians before? Through workplace diversity, you can learn and understand the meaning of different in reality. You can respect other people’s cultures and they will also respect your own culture. You can also learn about their culture to know more about them. Thus, it will make the workplace feel harmonious and beautiful because each worker will share their experience, cultures, and thoughts with each other.

Accomplishment have no color

– Leontyne price, soprano

Workplace Diversity Disadvantages

  • Some People May Feel Uncomfortable

In some cases, workers don’t feel comfortable when they must work with different gender, religion, skin colour, etc. A man may not feel comfortable when he has to work with some women in a team. Or some people may not feel awkward to work with some workers from different religions. However, it depends on the person.

  • Miscommunications May Occur

Sometimes, when you work with a foreigner, miss-communication may occur because you do not understand his or her accent. Perhaps, your Chinese partner can speak English, but it still sounds Chinese when he/she talks to you. Then, it makes you feel difficult to understand what he says because basically you also do not speak English. This condition may occur when you work in other countries and then you meet some office partners that are also coming from different countries.

To avoid this, have experience in conversations with different accent. You also may want to ask twice if you think you haven’t heard them well.

  • People do not Get Speech Freedom

Religion and racial diversity in workplace can be really matter when you some of the workers are too sensitive to other race and belief. You cannot make a joke about a certain religion and race despite you do not mean it. So, the freedom of speech will be limited and you can only talk to each other seriously relating to the job.

Well, those are several advantages and disadvantages of workplace diversity that you need to know just in case you intend to work overseas and meet with other people from different cultures. But, you must not feel paranoid because diversity is basically a beautiful thing that you must thank to.

What about your workplace diversity in the office?